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Custom Keto Diet: Change your body from the inside

Published the Mon Jul 26, 2021 2:08 pm

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    There was nothing to laugh about, so I did not laugh for months. I used to be known for my sense of humor and one day I laughed spontaneously. Though it was a rusty laugh, it told me healing had begun. Laughter heals. Do not be afraid to laugh when you are grieving.

    Healing begins when you forget about loss.
    Grief was all I thought about. I could not escape it. Judy Tatelbaum details the grief process in "The Courage to Grieve." "We can see we are moving closer to recovery from grief when the deceased is no longer our primary focus," she writes. It takes longer to recover from multiple losses. Still, I continued to do my grief and do the things I loved -- writing, reading, cooking. These activities gave me a break from grief. Be glad when you forget about loss for a moment. You are healing.

    Healing begins when you start to see hope.

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