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The LiQ 320 3D Printer

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The LiQ 320 3D Printer Empty The LiQ 320 3D Printer

Bài gửi by hewifer282 Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:44 pm

The LiQ 320 3D Printer from InnovatiQ is a real game changer on the market.
Additive manufacturing with injection molding silicone and discover new possibilities!

LiQ 320 – 3D printing from liquid silicone:
The LiQ 320 is the solution for additive manufacturing of components from liquid silicone.
Both prototypes and functional parts can be produced in comparable quality to injection molding.
High process speed and distortion-free 3D printing with virtually any geometry make the LiQ 320 the gamechanger among 3D printers.

The LiQ 320 3D Printer L320-three-views-F_1900px-uai-1032x1660_3

Intuitive operation
Precise material application
Integrated material crosslinking
Reach your goal faster with Smart Functions
Time-saving production

innovatiQ LiQ 320


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